Imam Reza Shrine, Mashad, Iran

The Imam Reza shrine is a mausoleum of the eighth Imam of Twelvers, Imam Ridha. At the end of the 9th century a domed building was built at the site. For more than one millennium the site has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, the site was also expanded. In 1418 CE, the wife of Shah Rukh, Goharshad financed the construction of a beautiful mosque next to the shrine, known now as Goharshad Mosque. The complex today houses a museum, library, cemetery, mosque and some other buildings, and between 15 to 20 million pilgrims visits the shrine every year.

Wall pattern

Wall pattern from the Imam Reza Shrine

Transliteration of the kufic in the pattern.

Imam Reza Shrine wall pattern




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